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... think with NUTRAC

Computer Repair Mooresville, NC Work-Life Technology Performance Optimization


'Step into the Scene' ... It's now 12:30 PM ... You grab your coat and VoIP phone from your desk. Your PA (Personal Assistant) has full-control when you are out-of-the-office.


Leaving the parking deck you think 'how intelligent it is to work from home' then, catch yourself frowning thinking about wasting time in traffic. Then a SMILE thinking about acclimating 'old-school' to the technology and skill-sets to work seamlessly from home.


At 65 MPH a text pops-in from the Boss; 'I'm joining the 2:30 PM call today.' Almost immediately you pull-over and park, text-back invite instructions and the attendee-list which includes: Ten of our 'Top-25 client-prospects.


The you SHOUT-IT "this GoToWebinar is gonna be perfect" or 'Old-School' rules


... It's 2:05 PM 'Emotions are High' ...

You zip into the driveway, put-up-the-top, and glide out of the front seat, pumped! Just as you reach the front door you hear something? ... you open the door ... KAWUMM!


'Kids everywhere; Xbox, laptops, dog barking! Netflix blasting Vanilla Ice and, your Spouse in the kitchen wearing earplugs doing continuing-ed.


"Instantly, you feel your pulse racing, sweat venturing down your temples ... you look-up at the clock and see the NEIGHBORS dancing on the deck!"

You almost lose it ... When you remember:

... NUTRAC 'Computers-ITPro' designed, installed, calibrated, priortized and validated my home network to accelerate BUSINESS MOBILITY to my Digital Profile and "7 Layer Optimization"

Computer Network Optimization ... You spring upstairs two-steps at time, hang DO NOT DISTURB and,
get ready for: The Greatest Multi-Tasking Performance EVER. Live from HOME CENTRAL COMMAND!


Composed and anxious, you initialize the VoIP phone on your network, attach the headset, test-intercom your PA, and 'login: PC, Laptop, Tablet, and Smart-Phone.


"Ahhh... it's excellent!


Network connectivity is so good the wireless headset is flawless at 35 feet." Ten-minutes in, you VPN a second laptop directly to the CRM-Server; record the event, chat-boarding appropriate follow-up to the Top-10, assign Account Managers and follow-up schedule by shared calendar.


During the presentation, you exchanged email, text, white-boarded co-workers, edited the follow-up Powerpoint on your iPAD and forwarded it to all attendees from the CRM as a Trackable Analytic; just before the Boss 'took-over' Q & A wrap-up.


Meanwhile back at office, your Assistant defended your work ethic again; a co-worker (blocking your career path) was 'given notice' ... Meanwhile, you joined the neighbors and cranked-up the tunes!

Need Network Speed?


Digital Performance Appraisal Predictive Performance ReportDigital Performance Analysis
Work-Life Balance - Performance Optimization

1. Home networks that out-perform the workplace; quantified time-savings extends the workday ...

2. Workplace networks with minimum latency (lag-time); increasing productivity decreases stress ...

3. A Sustainable Return-on-Investment that validates


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