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Nutrac, Inc. Mooresville, NC provides Managed IT Services, Data Security, Data Backup, 24/7 Help Desk, Onsite / Remote Monitoring and Management, and Data Recovery. Most ‘system-down’ events can be operating virtual inside of an hour while security issues, hardware failure or software problems are corrected and validated.

Today, human error is still the #1 cause of a data breach loss-disasters therefore, we require and provide Security Awareness Training and Dark Web Monitoring to establish a baseline-risk profile for all clients. Nutrac’s UTM Firewall establishes the frontline of defense ‘the gatekeeper’ for literally everything on the WiFi and network. Additionally, our behavioral-based AI-powered Endpoint Security software is woven throughout the network; working behind the firewall to help predict, prevent, prepare and defend against Cyber-attacks and human error. Local and Offsite Data Backup is leading-edge Virtual “snapshot” recovery-points that are verified, encrypted, VPN transmitted, received, connections-severed and validated in high-security Data Storage Centers over 1000-miles apart. Currently, we are testing a random VPN Tunnel Generator to tighten security on Data Backup, and RTP multi-authentication from public network access.

As a systems integrator, Nutrac helps clients reach maximum network efficiency and productivity by optimizing system performance to minimize ‘waiting on-technology’ to respond. We deliver Data Security client-specific for faster backups, faster restores, and the shortest recovery times possible with zero additional investment in network infrastructure or complex integrations.

Intelligent Platform Management

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring Agents: AI-powered Endpoint Security anti-virus, malware, ransomware, IOT and BYOD network devices
  • Auto-task network system maintenance scheduling, software installation, patching and updates, process verification and validation
  • System health, integrity checking (excluding system directories) and breach event alerts
  • Cyber Security Policy, Data Breach Response Plan, Security Awareness Training and Dark Web Monitoring
  • Data Recovery: Direct Restore Utility, File Restoration, Rapid Rollback, and Bare Metal Restore are a click away
  • HIPAA – PCI DSS and SOX compliance metrics.

About Integrated Data Protection

In 2019, Data Security from Risk Mitigation and Legal point-of-view “time is of the essence” includes a written Cyber Security Policy and showing a  progressive history of continual improvement. Example: As opposed to ‘signature-based security’ and UTM Firewall protection alone, today’s Data Security and Cyber Security must be AI-powered because the most imminent threats are AI-powered. These “Botnets” operate 24/7/365 evolving business-rules. Essentially, teaching themselves “recognition and targeting” vulnerabilities found in hardware configuration, software, obsolete security practices and human error.

Cyber-criminals program Botnets to deliver subtle cyber-attacks geared toward social profiling, and identity theft. These AI-assisted Botnets explore hard drives, hijack DNS, implant keyloggers, and begin stealing information downloading email, website histories, passwords, credit cards, company and personal data. Today, failure to properly address risk associated with Cyber-attacks, and Security Awareness Training is considered negligence. Today, falling-victim to phishing, spear phishing, e-mail, malware, ransomware and other integrated extortion campaigns is a matter-of-time. Other top-ten causes of Data Breach disasters include: Software corruption, hardware failure, and theft.

Click-Here to experience the IMPORTANCE of Cyber Security Awareness Training; compliments of GOOGLE.

About Nutrac Customer Service
We believe that client reviews are transparent living proof-statements composing our corporate reputation. They reveal consistency, stability, credibility, risk, and publish the facts surrounding success. About 80 percent of Clients that contact us direct say: “We read the reviews.”

This could be a $10,000.00 Question

How do you find-out if any of your personal data or corporate information is for sale on the dark web?

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