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    COMPUTER REPAIR - 'Mooresville NC - Lake Norman' - 20+ YEARS EXPERIENCE

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    CUSTOM BUILD — 'PC's - Laptop - Workstation - Server' — WARRANTY SERVICE

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    INTERNET SPEND MANAGEMENT — 'SEO' Search Engine Optimization



Service Center

'Onsite' 704-230-0199


Mooresville NC | Virus Removal | Data Recovery | Hard Drive Repair | Solid State (SSD)

20+ Years Experience Internet Security | Anti-Virus Software

NUTRAC Inc Computers-ITPro Service Center Mooresville NC Laptop Screens | PC Performance

Computer Performance Optimization Giga-Speed Network, Mooresville NC Wireless 'Giga-SPEED' Network

NUTRAC Inc Computers-ITPro Laptop Repair Service Center Custom Built PC's | Servers | Laptops

business residential computer repair Mooresville NC HD Internet Audio-Video Media Server

Computer Repair Service Center Mooresville NC Laptop Screen Repair Data Backup | Cloud Storage Streaming

Giga-Speed Wiresd Wireless Network cable infrastructure Service Level Agreement (SLA)


Excellent 'Reviews'

20 + Years Experience


104 Morrison Cove Rd. Mooresville, NC 28217

ONSITE SERVICES: 704-230-0199

Work-Life Technology

IT Admin Assistance

Computer Repair Service Moortesville NC "You Think?"

Computer Repair Work-Life Technology Performance Optimization 24/7 Onsite | Emergency Service

Small Business Tech Support Mooresville NC Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Small Business IT Admin Support Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Cable Fiber Optic Network Infrastructure Enterprise PC Management

LAN WAN Cloud Storage Data Transfer Secure Hard Drive Wipe

Internal External Data Backup Reimage | Replace Hard Drive

CAT-6 Ethernet Network Infrastructure Structured Cabling | Fiber Optic

Residentail IT Admin Assistance Technical Support Windows Server Migration

Small Business Enterprise Software Support Quickbooks POS Migration

Network Optimization Hardware Installatuiioon Maintenance Router-Switch-Firewall Configuration

High-Speed Ethernet Network System Giga-SPEED | 'Network Map'

ISP Performance Evaluation Optimization Internet Service Provider Valuation

Computers-ITPro Small Business Computer Network Assistance Mooresville NC Latency | Bandwidth Metrics

Audio Video Media Server HD Internet Radio Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Secure Connection Internet Security Virtual Private Network VPN Remote Access

PC's Laptops Media Servers Workstations Custom Build Servers | Computers

Network Cable Infrastructure Service Maintenance RCDD Communication Network

Nutrac Inc, Computer Repair IT Admin Mooresville NC Linkedin

Small Business

Computer Network Performance Optimization Work-Life Technology Performance

Technology Stress Management 360° Network Performance Audit

Wired Wireless BYOD Network LAN-WAN | Wireless Configuration

Wireless Network Performance, Nutrac, Inc, Mooresville, NC

Giga-Speed Residential Business Computer Network Performance Optimization Mobile Work-Force | Remote Access

Small Business Computer Technology Spend Management Mooresville NC Sustainable Return on Tech Investment

www.computers-itpro.com/aboutus NUTRAC, INC Mooresville NC Internet Speed | Spend Management

Voice Data Performance Optimization NUTRAC INC Mooresville NC VoIP Communication Systems

Voice Over Ethernet (VoiP) Mooresville NC Nutrac Computers-ITPro Computer Repair IT Admin

Computer Network Training SaaS Learning Management System VoIP | Mgt Console Training

Client Relationship Management Customer Review Testimonials CRM Integrated Marketing | 'SEO'

Service Excellence Proof Statements Google Customer Reviews

Network Communication Technology Performance Optimization Customer Service Workflow | Follow-up

Integrat Marketing Apporoach SEO Client Relationship Automation | 'CRM'

Small Business Technology Consulting Disaster Planning | Cloud Data Storage

Giga-Speed Network Performance Mooresville NC Network 'Spaghetti' Cleanup

Small Business Network 'Spagetti' Cleanup; NUTRAC Computers-ITPro Mooresville NC

Business Server Hardware Software Compliance HIPAA Data Security Compliance

Small Business Computer Network Maintenance Service NUTRAC INC Computers-ITPro Mooresville NC Service Level Agreement (SLA)


Computer Repair, IT Admin, Nutrac, Inc; Computers-ITPro Mooresville, NCGoogle Business Plus, Computer Repair Services Mooresville, NC  

Residential Support

Residential Computer Network Performance Optimization, FAQ Video YouTube Mooresville NC

State-of-The-Art Remote Access Access Data Storage Backup Technology Complete Home Office

TV-Internet Combination Package Offerings Performance Optimization Evaluation Internet Service Provider Selection

Audio Video Computer Network Set-up Installation Maintenance Service Satellite TV Internet Combo 'FOBO'

Wired Wireless Computer Network Performance Analsyis Internet Speed | Valuation

Industrial Businees Residential Computer IT Admin Tech Support Services Wired | Wireless Network

Virus Malware Removal Security Hardware Software Router - Internet Security

Wired Wireless Home Office Network Network Printerv c1buhj

Network Attached Storage Device Audio Video TV HD Radio Server Mobile Access | Apps

Computer Network Remote Access Data-Recovery Data Back-up Service Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Work-Life Balance Integration Performance Optimization Remote Access Control | Apps

HD Buffering Control ISP Evaluation Integrated TV Bundle Valuation DIRECTV | Netflix Optimization

High Definition Internet Radio Audio Video Streaming HD Internet Television

Custom Build Media Server Streaming HD Auidio Video HD Radio TV Streaming 4k

IT Admin Tech Support Secure Router Firewall Port Assignment HD Internet Radio

Dual AC Wireless Router Configuration, Computer Repair Mooresville NC

Gaming SMART Home Network Integration HD Audio-Video Media Servers

Residential Computer Repair NUTRAC Computers-ITPro Mooresville NC Network, TV, Audio, Video, Direct TV, Giga-SPEED Internet

Network Integration App Software Remote Control SMART Home Kits | Install-Integration

Webcam App Home Office Security System Protection POE Camera Surveillance Systems

IT Admin Assistance Technical Support Mooresville NC CCTV Camera Security Systems

Industrial - Telecom

IT Admin Support Technical Assistance Work-Life Technology Integration Service 24-7 ONSITE 'Urgent Care'

Production System Technical Supoport Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Nutrac INc Computers-ITPro Programmable Logic Controller, Industrial Computer Repair

Giga-Speed Network Intercom VoIOP Compliance Integration Services Programmable Logic Devices (PLD)

Industrial Computer Repair, NUTRAC Computers-ITPro Mooresville NC

Technical Support Sensors Fuses Breakers Relays Man Machine Interface (MMI)

Network Time Clock Integration Automation VoIP System Integration

Giga-Speed System Network Infrastructure Integration Industrial Production Intercom System

Mooresville, NC Computer Repair, Industrial telephone paging system

Insurance Variable Cost Control Network Camera Systems

Management Information System Software Integration Network Expansion Planning ERP Interface | Remote Management

Data Storage Cloud Storage POortable Back-up Options Redundant Network Planning

OSHA Safety Compliance Certification ISO Quality Certification Training Government Compliance Validation

'An Ounce of Prevention Worth a Pound of Cure' IT Admin Assistance Technical Support Mooresville NC Service Level Agreement (SLA)

7-Layer Optimization

Customer Review Value Proposition



Work-Life Balance Integration Technology Performance Optimization

Sustainable Return on Investment Calculator


(annual payroll cost-per-minute x change)


'Spending the least amount of time possible waiting on technology to respond expands the workday.''


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About Us


Work-Life Integration / Balance

NUTRAC Computers-ITPro is a Systems Integrator specialized in Business, Residential, and Industrial Computer Repair, Network Technology Performance and Optimization. We 'Empower High-Performance Achievers'​ by improving systems to the full-potential of usability.


Spending the least amount of time possible waiting on technology to respond expands the workday. Increasing throughput and decreasing latency minimizes stress on the user and system. When business processes and bandwidth match, performance increases. Time savings creates a sustainable return on investment and Work-Life Balance improves.

Work-Life Technology Stress Management, NUTRAC, Inc  Mooresville, NC Today's Virtual Office adds flexibility prioritizing time between work and personal life. As technology continues to improve, the danger of becoming a virtual workaholic increases. Our Work-Life Technology Service Philosophy advocates a balanced approach. It comes from years of experience and favorable Customer Reviews.

Technology should NEVER interfere with family time

Technology should NEVER rule, defeat, or overwhelm

Technology should be calibrated for repeatable consistency

Technology should be tuned user-specific for immediate response

Technology should NEVER shorten leisure time, relaxation, or time-off

Whether its PC repair, data recovery, virus removal or upgrading to Giga-SPEED, our Work-Life Technology Philosophy is consistent. Business or Residential, Onsite or Service Center, IT Admin or Tech Support, delivering consistent excellent service earns a matching Customer Review.


These Internet testimonials serve as a collection of proof-statements that report and validate business reputation. Transparency found in published reviews discloses risk, and establishes credibility that creates new business opportunities. About 80 percent of clients that contact us direct say: "We read the reviews." Business reputation from customer reviews cover a wide area network of Work-Life Technology and, consistent excellence creates a continuous stream of new opportunities to improve.

Why Choose Us



'Excellent Customer Reviews'


24-7 'Urgent Care', Windows Server 2003 upgrade to 2012, Quickbooks migration, Exchange Server to Google Business e-mail, custom built application and file server and work station PC's. Network infrastructure: CAT-5e, 6, 6a (10Gbps), 7 (1200Mhz) and CAT-8 40Gbps data center giga-SPEED. Hardware: Firewall / router / switches, backup, and remote access configuration, secure AC wireless HD Giga-SPEED and BYOD business network; HD audio / video conference room, network media server; secure-desktop play-list casting control


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Complete Home Wired-Wireless Giga-SPEED Network, Home Office, Modem-Router-Switch-Printer-Remote Access-Apps, Internet Service Provider Selection, Internet Speed Valuation, Internet Security, HD Audio -Video Media Server, DIRECTV-Netflix Optimization, New Construction Ethernet Cabling, Computer Repair, SMART Home Kits, Camera Security Systems


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Business, Residential, and Industrial Work-Life Technology Experiences




Computer Repair Work-Life Technology Performance Optimization NUTRAC Computers-ITPro GoToWebinar- 2:30PM


"Step into the scene"


... It's now 12:30PM ... You grab your coat, VoIP phone from your desk, and your Assistant has full-control when you are out of the office.


Leaving the parking deck you think about how intelligent it is to be empowered to work from home 'just like being in the office.' For the past year and half, everytime you get in the car, you grimace thinking about another 3-hours wasted in traffic. Finally, the chance to make working from home a reality.


Thjen, a text pops-in from the Boss; 'I'm joining the call today.' Immediately you pull-over, park, and text the invite and attendee list which happens to include 10 of the 'Top-25' new client prospects.


... You think to yourself:

"This presentation has gotta be flawless or 'old-school' will rule; maybe worse."


... It's 2:00 PM 'e-motions' are high ...

You zip into the driveway, put-up-the-top and glide out of the front seat, pumped! Just as you reach the front door you hear something? ... you open the door ... KAWUMM!


'Kids everywhere; Xbox and laptops, screaming, dogs barking 'big-time!' Netflix is blasting Vanilla Ice and your Spouse in the kitchen wearing earplugs, doing continuing-ed 'on-line.'


"Suddenly, you feel your pulse racing, sweat venturing down your temples ... you look-up at the clock and see NEIGHBORS on the deck, on the Guest Network Snap-chatting and Internet-Radio thumping!"

You almost lose it ... then you remember ...

'NUTRAC Computers-ITPro ... calibrated, validated, and prioritized my network for MOBILITY'


Going to Login:


Ahhh! ... Sigh of relief; you spring upstairs two-steps at time, hang DO NOT DISTURB and KAWUMM! ... Prepare to 'Jam' @ HOME CENTRAL COMMAND!


Composed and anxious, you initialize the VoIP phone on your network, attach the headset, test-buzz your Assistant, and 'login: PC, Laptop, Tablet, and Smart-Phone for:

The Greatest Multi-tasking Performance in 'old-school' history ...

"Ahhh... it's excellent!


Network connectivity is so good the wireless headset is flawless at 35 feet." Ten-minutes in, you VPN a second laptop directly to the CRM-Server; record the event, chat-board the Top-10, assign appropriate Account Managers and schedule follow-up by shared calendar.


During the presentation, you exchanged email, text, white-boarded co-workers, edited the follow-up Powerpoint on your iPAD and forwarded it to all attendees from the CRM as a Trackable Analytic; just before the Boss 'took-over' Q & A wrap-up.


Meanwhile back at office, your Assistant defended your work ethic again; a co-worker (blocking your career path) was 'given notice' ... Meanwhile, you joined the neighbors and cranked-up the tunes!


'Based on a True Story and 5-Star Google Review'


Work-Life Balance - Technology - Performance Optimization

1. Home networks that out-perform the workplace ...

2. Workplace networks with minimum latency (lag-time); improve productivity and decrease stress ...

3. A Sustainable Return-on-Investment that validates on time-savings alone ...

4. System tuned for optimal performance save time; which expands the workday...

'What is the value of adding 2-hours to a day by increasing efficiency?

What's in your wallet?


Work-Life Technology Performance Optimization


'DIY' How to perform Q1-Q2-Q3-Q4 maintenance yourself ...


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