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Consultation - Internet Signal Throughput Performance Evaluation - Wired and Wireless GigaSPEED Networks - Custom Build Computers and Laptops - Hardware Upgrades - Solid-State Hard Drives (SSD) - Laptop Screen Replacement - Network Attached Storage (NAS) System - Peer to Peer Software and Data Sharing - VPN and Remote Access - Tablet and Mobile Device Printing

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Computer Repair IT Admin Managed IT Services 704-660-1580 Service / Warranty Repair Center

Computer Repair IT Admin Managed IT Services 704-230-0199 Mobile on-Site Services

104 Morrison Cove Rd in Morrison Plantation on Lake Norman; Race City USA, Mooresville, NC 28117

Computer Repair/ Warranty Service Center


Computer Repair Mooresville NC Our clients experience flawless network performance at home, and in the workplace

We deliver flawless connectivity over GigaSPEED; optimized to run all devices at any TIME, or all the time



Excellence in Customer Service Validating and Matching "Best-in-Class" Providers based on Availability and Quality Commitment

DSL /Cable Internet Providers (ISP) and Satellite TV Provider Bundles Mooresville NC Internet Performance Optimization 'CABLE Internet' w/ DIRECTV

Coming Soon! PICTURE QUALITY Ken Brandon NUTRAC Computers-ITPro Comparison between DirecTV and Internet TV

Our Customized Media Server HD Internet Media ServerTRUMPs DIRECTV's picture quality!

HD INTERNET TV from our MEDIA-SERVER is nothing short of: PURE-EXCELLENCE... EXPERIENCE Crystal-Clear HD Global Internet Radio!

Internet TV HD Internet Radio



Value Proposition: Sustainable Return-on-Investment (ROI)

Network and Computer Performance Optimization





Computer Repair Mooresville NC Nutrac Computers-It Pro is a leader in COMPUTER REPAIR - LAN / WAN - Performance Optimization

'When Tech-Time decreases, Quality of Work-Life increases'

Our clients experience flawless network performance at home, and in the workplace


Sustainable ROI


Performance Optimized Networks Save Time and Money

We EMPOWER 'High-Performance Achievers'

Optimizing Hardware / Software To the Full-Potential of the 'User and Business'

Maximizing Total Performance Streamlines Cost ...

GigaSPEED Wireless Mooresville, NCComputer Network Performance Optimization Mooresville NC

Core Value 1 GigaSPEED Wireless for Custom Media Servers, PC's, Laptops, Tablets, and Smart Phones

We deliver flawless connectivity over a GigaSPEED Network; optimized to run all devices at any TIME, or all the time: FAST

Five-Star Technology Philosophy

Managed IT Services, Tech-Support, Help Desl, Mooresville, NC Technology should NEVER interfere with family time

Core Value 2 Technology should NEVER rule, defeat, or overwhelm

Core Value 3 Technology should be calibrated for repeatable consistency

Core Value 4 Technology should be User specific for immediate responsiveness

Outsourcing IT- Admin Mooresville NC Technology should NEVER shorten leisure time, relaxation, or time-off


It is Wednesday afternoon and instead of driving into work for a conference call, you are leaving early to host a webinar from your personal home office.

Leaving the parking lot, you zoom-into the 'home-front' video cameras with your smart-phone; then, the Boss sends a text saying: 'I will be on the call to welcome everyone, and 'close-it' at the end.'

Traffic is heavy, driving is stressful, you arrive at home with 15 minutes to spare ...

... you OPEN the front door and YIKES!

Several high-school students with laptops and Xbox controls are using your network in live competition! Your Spouse is finishing 'on-line' continuing-ed; Netflix is playing without buffering?

The Super Bowl warm-up party seems to have started early. Neighbors are rocking on the deck to your HD Internet Radio; streaming at 320 kbps and 96,000 kHz. They are mesmerized at the sound quality; and using your Guest Network to TWEET video-clips of the experience. The picture quality delivered by the Portable HD Media Server is 1080p with the H-264 CODEC streaming into a Class 'B' Digital 7.1 surround sound system managed remote by iPAD and iPhone.

What Did You Do?

You remembered that your network has Quality-of-Service (QOS) calibrated to match your personal preferences for Business, and MOBILITY

Relaxed and Composed, you dial-in on your VoIP phone as Webinar Administrator, connect your PC, Laptop, Tablet, and Smart-Phone to the network and multi-task throughout the entire presentation

As Administrator you initiate the Webinar from your PC. Your network connectivity is so good that you are wearing a Wireless Headset with flawless reception; at a distance of 35 feet. During the call, your Laptop is connected VPN to the Office Server so you can Chat-Board directly from the CRM with per-registered prospects, assign appropriate account managers, and schedule follow-up

During the presentation, you exchange e-Mails, Text, and Chat with participants and co-workers while editing the follow-up Power-point on your iPAD, and send it out to everyone through a second VPN connection as a 'Traceable-Analytic' from the CRM; just before Q & A wrap-up starts ...


Custom GigaSPEED wired / 'Wireless' HD Media Server Satellite TV Picture Quality (H 9.5" x W 7.5" x D 15")

Wireless Media ServerInternet TVHD Internet Radio


NUTRAC Computers-ITPro  Computer Repair Mooresville NC

GigaSPEED Wireless 866.7 Mbps

Streaming Audio Video Internet TV Internet Radio

Where Hi-Fi and Hi-Tech Merge

Class 'A' Audio H.264 CODEC HD Video / HD Radio Over Ethernet


NUTRAC Computers-ITPro is a business, residential, and industrial systems integrator specialized in computer network, hardware, software, and audio-video performance optimization. We empower 'high-performance achievers' conforming systems to match user abilities and accomplish intended purposes in the shortest period of time. Tech-support and help-desk are tools fine-tuning the learning curve.

We believe that spending the least amount of time possible 'waiting-on' technology improves work-life. A system optimized to accomplish an intended purpose and operating at peak-efficiency accommodates the full-potential of the users' technological skill-set. History shows that delivering an optimized system that performs better than expected decreases stress. Moreover, converts into a metric that validates a sustainable return on investment and creates repeat customer.

Giving people back valuable time with technological efficiency builds a reputation of excellence. In fact, it results in a published review about 36.4 percent of the time. These testimonials are living proof-statements; real live customer service experiences that evolve public business reputation. We encourage our clients to experience flawless network performance at home, as-well-as the workplace.

Five-Star Philosophy

*Technology should NEVER interfere with family time
*Technology should NEVER rule, defeat, or overwhelm
*Technology should be calibrated for repeatable consistency
*Technology should be user-specific for immediate responsiveness
*Technology should NEVER shorten leisure time, relaxation, or time-off

'Empowering High-Performance Achievers' simply means optimizing network, hardware and software to match the full-potential of the 'user(s) and business purpose' with consistency and reliability at work, home, competition and recreation.


REALITY CHECK One of our medical firm clients with 6 Doctors and 28 employees calculated that technology issues COST 1 hour per day. That was a conservative estimate...

Total payroll-cost per-day determines Value Proposition for Performance Optimization.

Shielded CAT6 Cabling Network Infrastructure

The Problem is ...

Improve Infrastructure Reduce Internet Access Spend 'Optimizing the Stupid Network' ... Improve Network Infrastructure to Maximize Speed

Managing Technology Effectively ...The Peter Principle 'technology managers rise to the level of their incompetence' 'Penny-wise, pound-foolish,' micro-managing, 'handcuffs' talent, INCREASES STRESS and LOWERS PRODUCTIVITY; ultimately good employees, and great sales people ...leave

Slow networks, computers, and communication equipment cause STRESS

HR Stress Management Training STOP Techno-Stress Stress Management Policies Related to Technology Eliminate FRUSTRATION

CIO Reality Check 'The Stupid Network' Buying more Internet-Speed for CAT5e network infrastructure, is:

Technology Facilities Management

"Whipped-Cream on Poop"

'Employers' Expectations Drive Mobile Technology Usage'


Mobile Technology Policy Metrics

...executive summary (from Gallup Study)

The unusual dichotomy in key well-being outcomes -- daily stress and life satisfaction -- and work-related mobile technology use provides evidence that such behaviors can both positively and negatively influence employees' well-being. Even after controlling for all key demographics, workers who leverage mobile technology more often outside of work are much more likely to be stressed on any given day, while simultaneously being more likely to rate their lives better

"Stay Ahead of the Curve"

Our 'Digital Experiences Profile' and 'Predictive Performance Report' are valuable Productivity improvement tools


Mooresville NC

Core Competency

Schedule a time to view live SEO Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Analytics and metrics serve as OUR and YOUR real-time proof statements validating Internet spending for branding, and securing new business opportunities with measurable consistency and a sustainable Return-On-Investment (ROI)

Internet spending is driven by meeting client goals, competition spending, and the integrated advertising approach for consistency

Network Communication Technologies


Kevin Lyons


Ken and Jimmy are AWESOME! Let me tell you my story, I am updating the software in my office and to defer from having to archive my current old system. I wanted them to update my current one. Ken was on this job like white on rice, and this was a small job by the way. He spent close to thirty hours trying to salvage this archaic server at my office, 30 hours AND THEY DID NOT BILL ME FOR THE TIME! That's big when you own a business, any-who. When it was all said and done, I told them that I had decided to break up with my old software because, (thanks to Ken) he showed me how to update my patient Rolodex to the new system. They then built me a new server. When we were going thru training with the new software, the software company can see your computer speed and power. They were very impressed and said so in the training. I am not a computer guy; I don't make money being a computer guy. In a world where computer are needed to work right the first time, I am very happy to have them in my corner.
Dr. Kevin P. Lyons


Jimmy and Ken are great! My hard drive crashed last week and a guy in Charlotte wanted to charge me between $400 & $1900 to try and recover my data and could not promise anything. Fortunately I called around and found Jimmy. Was Sunday afternoon and Jimmy said bring it by. In less than 24 hours Jimmy had retrieved 85% of my data from a hard drive that showed bad and irretrievable for $100!!!. These guys are beyond fair and unreal!! If you want super-fast computers and super-fast network connections at your home or in a business environment, at a very fair price then these guys are your go to pro's hands down!!! Glad I found you guys. Will definitely tell all my friends about you.


Jimmy and Ken to the rescue again. Fast, affordable, reliable computer repair service. I wouldn't think of taking my computer anywhere else. Whether for a tune-up, repair or upgrade, Computers-ITPro can't be beat. For a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new laptop, my computer was repaired and upgraded and works better than when it was brand new. Thank you Jimmy and Ken for your honesty, professionalism and excellent work.


Great experience! I needed to transfer data from an old desktop to a new laptop and couldn't wait two days to have it done. Ken and Jimmy got it done in a few hours and I was good to go. Very customer oriented and the work done was fantastic. You can't go wrong here!


Awesome service..... Finally found someone I can trust to help with all our computer needs. They are very personable and helpful and very knowledgeable with tons of experience. You can not go wrong with Jimmy and Ken. Highly Recommend.


I called Computers-ITPro this morning about a problem I had with my power supply a few days earlier. They said it wasn't a problem and to come in. Shortly after arriving I knew Ken knew what he was talking about and was able to get everything fixed really fast! Great customer service and very humble and ready to help. Highly recommend for all your computer repair needs!

Lesley Hynes

2 months ago-

We had two older laptops that needed some attention, one had malware and one had a cloning virus, I popped in to see Jimmy Carter and Ken Brandon to see how much they would charge me to fix our laptops. I was promptly told no charge and they worked on removing the malware and viruses immediately. Now my laptops were older and so in order for them to run more efficiently instead of purchasing new Jimmy & Ken replaced the hard drives and optimized them for us. I had just purchased myself a new laptop from a big name warehouse 2 weeks prior to meeting Jimmy & Ken, who informed me they could build me a much more efficient and faster, so I returned my laptop and had them build me one, which I picked up the very next day. We were very impressed with a video Ken showed us from a another house he had worked on, we immediately went out and purchased the router Ken told us to and set up a day from him to come and optimize our Internet download and upload speed. Now we pay for the fastest speed through our service provider which is for 50mpbs and we are constantly having issues with connectivity and lagging. We have a teenage son who has two gaming consoles and he is constantly being either dropped from the wireless Internet or having major lagging. Ken just finished up optimizing our Internet and we have more than 7 times the download speed we had before, running a speed test wirelessly almost reaching 350mbps. We are very happy with the quality of service we received, their willingness to explain all steps in a way that we could understand and the level of care that we received. We have already recommended Jimmy and Ken to friends and they too are getting their Internet optimized. My only regret is that I took so long to pop in and see Jimmy and Ken, we should have done this years ago. I will never purchase a computer from anyone else, Jimmy and Ken have our families business.

2 months ago-

Amazing - This is my description of Jimmy and Ken.
The first time I had the great fortune to meet them, my computer had just completed a nervous breakdown. Luckily, this occurred after I successfully filed my tax return, and then backed up my info on a secondary hard drive (or so I thought). I was able to wipe my computer, and get myself back up and running, but when I went to reload my stored info, I discovered my back up hard drive had still been plugged in when my computer crashed, taking my backed up info to Never-Never Land. All I got was a lot of error messages, and what looked like a game of Jumbles. I figured I'd be spending the next month re-entering my info by hand, kissing many special photos bye-bye, and hoping to piece together our small business files from memory. Just about the time I thought I would be experiencing my own nervous breakdown, a friend told me about Jimmy and Ken.
After calling and explaining my situation, I went to Jimmy's home, where his garage has been turned into a computer temple of miracles, and met two of the nicest, most gracious, down to Earth, and intelligent men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They are both easy to talk to, quick to understand your problem, generous with their time, and they'll have you feeling like you've known them forever in no time. Incredibly, I presented my back-up drive, leaving their domain with no expectations, and a day later, I received a call that my info, photos and files had been retrieved.
If you have a computer problem, question, or you need a new system, I would highly recommend Jimmy and Ken. They are amazing!

Amazing, not just with computers, but with some phone related issues too.
My husband and his friend are rebuilding a 57 Chevy BeI-Air, and they have been using a flip phone to take pictures of their progress with the car. They were approached by someone interested in buying the car, so they needed to get the pictures off. You would think this would be easy. If the device is capable of taking pictures, you must be able to get them off. Right? Wrong! I tried everything. I had the cord that connected it to my computer, but no program worked to make a connection. I hunted on the Web, and found LOTS of people with the same problem, but no solution. Figuring we might just have to send the guy the phone itself, I decided to try calling Jimmy and Ken.
Chalk up another miracle.
I called and was told to come right over. I gave the phone to Ken, and then watched in amazement for a couple of hours as he searched, downloaded, and tried everything conceivable. Finally, as it was getting late, I went home, but Ken continued. The next morning, I received a call from Ken that he had succeeded. I was blown away. I have known many people who love puzzles, myself included, but with my limited knowledge of technology, I was stopped by what appeared to be a solid brick wall. Ken hit the wall, but he is tenacious. As I watched it was like he tried tunneling under it, then drilling through it, and after I left I think he finally just blew it up.
For me, what is honestly so special about both Jimmy and Ken, is from the moment you meet them you know they love what they do, and they want to share this with you. You are welcomed into their domain, offered a seat, and given undivided attention as they work to solve your problem or strive to improve your computer world, and they want you included in this process. They are both generous with their time, their knowledge, and the warmth of their sanctuary. I have been Blessed! I strongly encourage you to experience the amazement for yourself.
My next adventure with them will be a new computer tower, and I'm bring my dad too.
Amazing #3:
I can't quit smiling! My dad and I both bought new AMAZING computers from Jimmy, which were built to our exact needs, and my old computer (which I could make coffee before it was up and running) has been optimized and is running better than new. I'd say more, but I'm out of space.
Jimmy & Ken are the BEST!!!!!!!

a month ago
I met IT Pro through a friend of mine and it was the best thing that has happened to me in years. I found Ken and Jimmy to be BRILLIANT IT people who amazed me with their technical skills. I not only walked away with a new computer, I walked away with an enhanced computer that does everything and more. My computer is so fast and efficient that it already has saved me some valuable time. I want to THANK both Ken and Jimmy for providing me with such an outstanding computer. I highly recommend them when you need a new computer, repairs, or just having trouble with viruses. They are the IT PROS of Mooresville.


The people at computers- itpro are the very definition of experience and integrity; from working with them and talking to them I can tell that they have been in the business of computer repair/computer building for decades; just in talking to them i have doubled my computer knowledge and capabilities. From the simplest PC fix to the most complex next generation build they have all of the knowledge and experience necessary to breath life into your computer.
They excel in custom gaming computers that will smoke any other on the market and will keep the price reasonable for any build you want done.
I've got a custom PC with an Asrock x 79 extreme x motherboard, Intel i7 4820k ivy bridge processor, and two evga geforce gtx 780ti graphics cards and I couldn't make it boot to a live screen.
I tried everything, I browsed every forum, I watched every video, and talked to ALL of the tech support offered by the manufacturers and none of it worked. I called Jimmy and Ken and told them my problem and they told me to bring it to them so I packed it up and within two hours of my arrival it was alive and kicking. Wow.

For the very best in high quality, fast, efficient and cost effective computer service and repairs you must contact Jimmy at Computers-It Pro He can do things with precision and speed that others cannot match. I took my computer to the Geeks at Best Buy and they said my mother board was zapped and the computer was un-repairable. I called Jimmy Carter at Computers-It Pro and told him the problem and he said he could either fix it or preserve my data and applications in one of his boxes and have my system back running in hours. He did it, too. It turned out that my power supply was also zapped; so he put my 2 hard drives in one of his boxes, added a solid state hard drive, upgraded Windows Vista to Windows 7, retained all my applications to run on the solid state hard drive, retained all my data, saved a clone of my newly configured system on one of my hard drives and I am a very happy customer with basically a new, super-fast system that will last me many more years. Jimmy and Ken excel in overcoming "planned computer obsolescence" and can preserve the functionality of systems that are 10-15 years old. Their integrity is impeccable and their prices are much lower than other options of which I am aware. I recommend them to anyone and will definitely use them if needed again.

What a great shop to find! I didn't want to be another number on the big box stores ticket counter that in the past have resulted in mediocre solutions to my computers problems at best. Jimmy and Ken treated me like I bought the computer from them (though I hadn't) and offered up professional advice and diagnosed my machine within the first 5 minutes of arriving. They suggested a number of options that I could proceed with and I determined the one that best suited what I needed, mind you I am using CAD modeling and design software in which processing speed is vital. Ken optimized my laptop and tweaked the components I didn't even know could be tweaked. I am thoroughly impressed by the service I received. You tell me the last time someone worked on your computer and encouraged you to look over their shoulder while working on it? A true professional has nothing to hide and that is exactly what Jimmy and Ken are - True professionals.

Amazing.....Jimmy and Ken are wonderful...the only thing that exceeds their computer knowledge is their customer service. On the spot...Jimmy repaired my solid state hard drive the amount of time it would have taken another repair service to check me in and log the computer's issues. I purchased several computers from Jimmy and Ken and they always stand behind their work. Give them a try...and rid yourself of techno-frustration.


If you made it this far down, call to arrange a complimentary wired or wireless network performance accessment


Ken Brandon


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